Q - How much does shipping cost?
A - We are currently offering flat rate shipping of $1.95 on all orders within Australia. You're welcome!

Q - Where do you ship to?
A - We ship to anywhere within Australia, using Australia Post.  

Q - How long will my purchase take to arrive?
A - Orders are dispatched within 1 business day and they normally arrive 1 - 6 days later, depending on your location. We offer express post for an additional charge.     

Smoosh reusable food pouch

Q - How many times can I reuse a Smoosh pouch?
A - Smoosh pouches are very durable and we have never worn one out so so we can't say what the limit is. The important thing with any reusable pouch is to keep it thoroughly clean and dry in between each use to avoid mould which will ruin the pouch. Smoosh pouches are designed to make cleaning and air-drying easy, and the transparent back means you can check that it is completely clean and dry.    

Q - How can I wash and dry the Smoosh pouch?
A - The Smoosh pouches, caps and Pouch Pop Topper are dishwasher safe (top rack only). To hand wash, shake warm water and detergent inside the pouch, then open the pouch and rinse under the tap.  Open the pouch up and put it upright in your dish rack to dry.      

Q - My baby scrunches the pouches. Will this cause damage?
A - Not at all. It will leave light crease marks but nothing more. 

Q - Is it a problem if some food gets into the zipper when I fill the pouch?
A - The zipper will still seal properly and you can wash away excess food. After a few goes you'll know where to fill the pouch to and you'll become an expert at pouring or spooning food in.   

Q - My toddler bit hard on the spout and warped the shape. Can I still use it? 
A - That's ok, it happens with all pouch spouts. You can push it back into shape and use it again.