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Oopsy Doopsy!

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The Oopsy Doopsy is a cute little kit that can secure just about anything that your baby can drop or throw – including dummies, rusks, spoons, teethers, blankies, toys, sippy-cups and more.  

Great at home and out & about. 

Australian designed (patent pending) and non-toxic.

Ultra-functional and stylish.

The silicone socket: 

  • holds tight to rusks and spoons
  • can even holds a veggie stick or piece of apple
  • is naturally anti-bacterial, food grade, dribble-friendly and easy to clean and dry
  • slides easily on and off the straps

The short strap:

  • is great for holding a dummy, teething ring or the silicone socket
  • clips to baby's clothes or a safety harness - the clip closes firmly, will not harm baby's clothes, can be operated with one hand and is smooth and rounded for baby's comfort
  • can be shortened to keep a dummy off the floor when baby is crawling

    The long strap:

    • loops around a safety harness on a stroller, carrier, high chair or carseat, or around baby’s wrist (tether only light objects in this mode)
    • can secure bigger toys or a sippy-cup with enclosed handles


    (The pictured rusk, toys and spoons are not included: they are to illustrate the Oopsy Doopsy's functionality)

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